Pacific Pearl Dental Hygiene Clinic Services

Our Services

Scaling and Root Planing

Cleaning thoroughly on root surface and enamel.


Reduce stain and plaque retention while giving your teeth the smooth ‘finished’ feeling.

Fluoride Treatments

Fluoride hardens the enamel and root surfaces to prevent decay.


With personalized whitening trays made in office from molds of your own teeth to take home and use with the supplied whitening agent at a 9.5% hydrogen peroxide whitening strength. (3x over the counter whitening agents)

Dental Hygiene Exam

Review and updating of all collected assessment data (and changing dental hygiene treatment plan if necessary), complete intra oral and extra oral exam for suspicious lesions. Gum, tissue, and bone level recording. Blood pressure readings. Any referral necessary with any data that is found to need more in depth review

Emergency Dental Hygiene

Any issues that arise that a patient thinks are gum and/or pocketing related. Food packing issues are an example. Call anytime and if there is an emergency I am available to see you or discuss it with you on the phone

Finding a Dentist

We can assist you in finding a dentist that best suits your needs. Seeing a dentist once a year for checkups to assess your teeth are paramount to your dental health.

Smoothing Fillings

Any fillings that are causing gum irritation or catching floss can be smoothed to reduce the inflammation.


Sealants for children and young adults fill the deep grooves with a white sealing material to prevent future decay.